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For the Love of a Ball Mason Jar! Cute Cottage Chalkboards

Do you love those sweet Little turquoise blue jars that we see all over the internet? I know I do.. They speak to us .. of simpler times of days gone by.. My Charming Hand Crafted Hand painted Chalkboards are made from a lightweight hardboard and strung with jute for hanging. I use premium materials and seal the artwork with a polyurethane finish. This chalkboard measures 24" x 24" and has nice vintage looking rounded corners. Simple soft sculpt frame finished with a bead paint detail. Bright fun artwork with a washable chalkboard surface. 

Daisy's From The Garden

Rununculus and Lavender

By Special Request - A Beautiful Vintage Style Chalkboard is Born

It sure isn't easy to photograph a white frame.. 
When I was asked to try and duplicate a vintage plaster frame I wasn't too sure..
but with a little perserverance I suceeded!
The chalkboard looks great.
I wish the photo's could covey how it looks in reality.
I surprised myself..
It was fun dabbling with plaster..
I am definitely going to pursue more frames like this..
Perfect for Weddings!

INTO THE LIGHT- Soft Sculpt Original Acrylic Painting -White Doves An instant Spirit Lifter..

I especially love Doves... the Morning Doves
come to my Bird Bath daily..
Nothing evokes peace and serenity like a dove..
I am still on a quest to answer the question..
Why do doves squeak when they fly?
If you know..please tell me why!!


Farewell WHITEY ~*~ 1989 -2008

Whaaa.. How can it be possible to be so attached to a car??
I have had Whitey almost 20 years..
245,000 clicks later..
many MAny Faux finishes and Murals completed...

Good Bye Dear friend...

There is solice in knowing he is going to

a good cause.

Donated to...

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