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ABSINTHE ~ "Green Fairy"



Van Gogh Absinthe Glass and Decanter, 1885

"Absinthe Drinkers" by Rafaellin

'Absinthe Drinker' by Viktor Oliva

The Absinthe Drinker,(Femme ivre se fatigue). Pablo Picasso, 1902

"The Absinthe Drinker" by Edouard Manet 1859

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Angel Fernández de Soto, 1903

The Absinthe Drinker (1901)Pablo Piccasso

Pablo Picasso"The Absinthe Drinker", 1901

DegasL'Absinthe 1876
It is amazing to me, after doing a wee bit of research on ABSINTHE,
how it was hauntingly desired, not only years ago by many of the Masters,
but today by many celebrities and us ordinary folk.
I have yet to try the magical looking brew,
please comment on your Absinthe experience!!
I would love to hear it!!
Be sure to roll over photos for links to Super Absithe Sites!!!