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Her Morning Elegance * Inspirational Large Original Angel Painting

"Her Morning Elegance"
I like to think that there are Angels among us.. 
I have really enjoyed creating my ANGEL WING hangings for people!
They have really taken off.. :)
I must admit... I am a feather girl.. I love fluffy white feathers.. to paint them
and actually feathers of all kinds.
Her Morning Elegance is an Inspirational Acrylic and Oil painting.
I hope to lift ones spirits and to keep the Belief in Angels a little more cognizant.
Painted in soft subtle shades attention to detail in the dress and wings.
She is Available HERE

 not to scale

Love Totems?.. Spirit Guides? Crow, Grizzly,Raven and Magpie.. New Spirit Tees and Posters!

Come on into my Shop and have a look around!
Great gift art tee shirts, posters..You name it!!
Just updated my shop with some Spirit Tee shirts and Posters..
Crow, Magpie, Raven and Grizzly Totems

PEACE ON EARTH ¨°º¤ø„¸☀¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨*♥*¨°º¤ø„¸

Peace Dove Stone mousepad
Peace Dove Stone Mousepad

Beautiful products with my PEACE DOVE Stone
art work.
Made to Order
Order in bulk for your shops..
for corporate gifts..
Wedding favors..
or one at a time for a dear friend...
How about a little something for yourself....

*Say it in Stone** Quotes on faux Stone Plaque

Inspirational Quotes on a Faux Stone Plaque

Time you enjoyed wasting

was not wasted.

~John Lennon

Whatever you are,
Be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln

Anywhere is paradise

It's up to you

~Author Unknown

Blog Love** Buy My Art** Paintings with Inspiration and SPIRIT

Todays Offering is this Beautiful
I call Her
She is colorfully painted on a natural piece of Pine measuring
4.5" x 6"
Tiny beads of paint give her textural interest!!

Personalized Petroglyphs ~ Carved Custom Cave Art

Wonderful carved images..
Art you can feel!!
I put sand in the paint..
looks as if it fell off the Cave wall!!!
Through the ages man has been drawing on walls!
Get your story put on a Pertoglyph Plaque!!

What's Your Animal "Totem" or "Spirit Guide"?

My Totem is the Cardinal
Cardinal: Recognizing your Self Importance
Cardinal reminds us that no matter what time of the day or year it is,
there is always the opportunity to recognize the important of our life purpose.
If a Cardinal appears, it is time to pay attention to your health and well-being.
It is also a time to listen to the feminine side, the aspects of creativity and intuition.
Cardinal people are in tune to the number 12.
Twelve months or a year’s time is very important to a Cardinal totem person.
They remind us to add “color” to our life and to remember
that everything you do is important.

Happy New Year! ~~Some TOTEM ACEO'S~~


What is a TOTEM
Do you feel a close connection with a natural or mythical animal?
This very well could be your animal totem or spirit guide!
Animal totems manifest a specific kind of energy that
will align to forces of the spiritual realm and can be a
very positive influence in your life.The energy of the totem
animal speaks to you in some way that is relevant to
your own personality or circumstance in life.
By getting to know your animal totem, you can gain insight and
understanding of your own life circumstances more clearly.
Share in the totem power !!

TOTEM TILES!!! Inspiratonal Little Art Works!

Words of Inspiration can be powerful motivators.
When we feel down in the dumps, words of inspiration can be a great comfort.
Place a Totem Tile somewhere to encourage and provide you
inner healing!
Just another little something to sooth the soul!!
4''x 4"
Ceramic Hand crafted Tile