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Chalkboards* Chalkboards* Chalkboards--- Concentrating on My Chalkboard Business!!!

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ZeeZee Chalkboards are wonderfully unique!!
Instead of just a flat colored surface... these boards go the extra distance...
Bas-relief texture makes your eyes POP!! The colors are absurdly ZeeZee!
Any Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Lounge, Deli, just about anywhere 
would benefit from a ZeeZee Chalkboard!
Choose from many of my unique applications..
I can add 3-D elements with my special cut-outs..
Crazy Carved Frames like none you have ever seen...
Bas-Relief texture...
Metallics, Foaming Mugs of Beer...
Sweet shapes and sizes..
Handsome vinyl roll-ups..easy ship easy install..
Eyepoppin' Painted boards..
Anything Goes...
Home or business.. CONTACT me and we will get started
on your ZeeZee Board!!!

I am never happier than when I am designing and creating a custom chalkboard for someones home or business!


Chalkboards also make great custom gifts!
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Celtic Spirals ~ Triple Spirals

In the mid to late 90's I was making a fair living in Edmonton Alberta as a Faux Finish Artist.

I had the pleasure of painting two Irish pubs and got very familiar with painting the triple spiral, as I had to turn a number of shabby columns into grand monoliths carved with celtic spirals.

The dance floor at The Druid I outlined in a braid of celtic knots with a stylized dragon head at each end. It was a fabulous job ! The Pub owners.. the best.. I do miss those days of painting as the patrons watched and marvelled over the paint techniques I did before them..

The trompe loeil bicycle leaning against the wall of O'Byrne's on Whyte Ave..

The many Irish tunes that were embeded in my mind...

That was years ago..I wonder if my adornments are still there....