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For the Love of a Ball Mason Jar! Cute Cottage Chalkboards

Do you love those sweet Little turquoise blue jars that we see all over the internet? I know I do.. They speak to us .. of simpler times of days gone by.. My Charming Hand Crafted Hand painted Chalkboards are made from a lightweight hardboard and strung with jute for hanging. I use premium materials and seal the artwork with a polyurethane finish. This chalkboard measures 24" x 24" and has nice vintage looking rounded corners. Simple soft sculpt frame finished with a bead paint detail. Bright fun artwork with a washable chalkboard surface. 

Daisy's From The Garden

Rununculus and Lavender

Fabulous Frida * Two sided Hanging Ornaments ~~ Frida Collectors

BLUE BRAID / SUNFLOWER Frida Hanging Ornament

LAVENDER ROSE /FEATHER Frida Hanging Ornament
MONKEY/DAISY Frida Hanging Ornament
NASTURTUIM/GOLD TOOTH Frida Hanging Ornament


2 Sided Hanging Ornaments with Embellishments and Real Hanging Earrings

Hang Anywhere! Ribbon and Bead Hanger on each one!
One Of A Kind
Collect them
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Adorable Wedding Favor Mini Chalkboards * Personalized Custom

These adorable Post-it-note sized chalkboards 
are a perfect Wedding Favor for almost any themed wedding!
A great personalized keepsakes that is handy too.
This great size cuts down on looking for 
that scrap of paper to leave little notes.
I hand crafted a small heart stamp for the back 
that features the bride and groom.
Individually wrapped, hand made with love...
These Mini boards were made to compliment the
following larger Activities Board

Beautiful Bouquet Bicycles and Childhood Memories...

This is such a pretty sight..they stop me in my tracks..
I have to take pictures of Bicycles and Flowers...
This is the start of my photo collection.
There is something so attractive .. maybe the peaceful
freedom and childhood memories of  
picking flowers and riding a bike...
My Dad told me many times 
how I used to pick flowers  
as a child and sell them on my bike..

Tulip Tweets ~ Original Sculpted paintings.. Diptych Rich Colorful Art

I felt like a little burst of Spring was due..
These two little paintings are full of texture.
Lots of texture in the side-light
Contemporary art..
Great Color... Turquoise Browns and Creme
Wired to Hang..Ready to ship ...
This Rustic Diptych is earthy and warm..

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Springs Sweet Surprise

Can someone please tell me what these delightful flowers
are that just "popped up'' in my garden this spring?
I have no idea where they came from..
I LOVE them they are so incredibly beautiful!!
Springs Sweet Surprise!!