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Time for a Little Rustic Coffee Art! Creative Kitchen Art

I love Kitchen Art!
Nothing like a great piece with loads of texture to be a focal point in your kitchen.
Who doesn't like the old tin signs of small town restaurants?
This piece has lots of charm... rustic and reminiscent of the shabby tin signs of days gone by.

Farm Fresh *** Underneath the Peeling Wall Paper... Shabby Original Painting

Peeling Wall Paper.... Crackling Plaster....
Soft Sepia Tones...
Romantic Bouquet..
This Textured Acrylic is 
my rendition of a beautiful painting
found underneath the peeling paper 
of an Old Farm House.
22" x 30" 
Canvas Panel

Get CRACKING!!!!!! Custom Blackboards!

I LOVE the way these custom blackboards for the
They are light-weight hand-painted blackboards.
Great for presentations, trade shows.. You name it !
The sky is the limit to the shape, size and subject of these wonderful boards!!!
Consider getting one for your Home or business!!


As a young girl I still remember the first painting I proudly owned. It was a Black Velvet Painting of a little girl holding a lamb.. Many moves and years later I regret that I know not where my little painting ever went, I would give anything to have it back.

Young girls do have the desire, as adults do own works of art... which brings me to sweet romantic little works of art a young collector would be pleased to own.

This 8" x 10" was painted in a black velvet style on canvas and comes in this shiny frame.

Any Little Girl Would be proud to have Rebecca as

If you have an Idea for a "FIRST PAINTING" for your daughter ..
commissions are welcome!!
One of the first in my "YOUNG COLLECTORS SERIES"