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RUSTY the Mermaid on her Shell Phone * NEW Mermaid Cut Out Wall Hanging *

Art Doesn't have to be SQUARE!!!
Rusty is a sweet little mermaid painted and cut out creating the cutest Wall hanging!
She is like any teenager chatting on her Shell Phone.
One of a kind Original Affordable Art!
Perfect for ANY Mermaid Collector!

Sultry Mermaid, Sea Vixen..

No More wall space to hang your art??
Embellished Acrylic Paintings
with Easle Stand

Sea Vixen
Sultry Mermaid
Beautifully Embellished with an
Ultra-fine glimmer.

Everyone Loves Fairies!!! Mystical Magical.....

Exotic Butterfly Bouquet

Tender Teddy and Roses

Sultry Swallow's Song

Sweet little Tangelo Fairie
These little mini's are embellished and have a
superior refined glitter that
does not show in photo's
More beautiful in person!!!
More to Come....
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