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Rubbing Elbows with Nature.. Walking Oakville's Beautiful Trails

I love my new form of Exercise!!
For many years I was a avid Jazzerciser.. I found as I aged,
the moves were a little to much for my poor old knees and it was time to find a new routine.
My daughter told me about this great ap called "Map My Walk"
I love so many things about walking my beautiful walking route.
It takes me through many types of terrain. 
I go past community gardens, through thick brush, past a large open field,
a dog park,  a children's play park and a sweet view of the lake.
The best part of my new love is brushing elbows with nature..
I listen to may favorite tunes.. 
So far I have for sure helped baby robins to fly..
( they run in front of me in a frenzy until they jump jump and fly)
Seen dozens of baby bunnies,
Collected beautiful feathers,
Been caught in a downpour,
Smelled cascading flowers in the morning,

Mother Killdeer doing the fake broken wing trick for me...

 I am no longer trapped in a tight room rubbing elbows with other women jumping up and down.. 
I walk right out my front door, get fresh air,
sunshine on my face, sweet smells in the air, 
is rubbing elbows with Nature!!!!

Beautiful Bouquet Bicycles and Childhood Memories...

This is such a pretty sight..they stop me in my tracks..
I have to take pictures of Bicycles and Flowers...
This is the start of my photo collection.
There is something so attractive .. maybe the peaceful
freedom and childhood memories of  
picking flowers and riding a bike...
My Dad told me many times 
how I used to pick flowers  
as a child and sell them on my bike..

Get Together With Your Local Artists!! Create a Art-Wall in your Shop and Create a Buzz....

If you Own or Manage a Business..
A Coffee Shop.. Card &Gift Store..
Restaurant.. Clothing.. Spa..
Beauty Salon..
Consider hanging a local Artists work on any
bare walls in your establishment!
Not only do you support your local artists...
you offer your clientele a sweet little service,
not to mention a little extra income!

Your Bare walls are valuable real estate!
Contact a local Artist and fill them up!

♕A Box A Box ☐☐☐ My Kingdom for A Box!!! ♕A Shipping Story

So very many times, when I sell a painting
I have to go on the hunt..
the hunt for the perfect box to ship my creation.
I used to hunt for the perfect size.. the right dimensions..
That was before I learned how to make a perfect box!
Again I found my self without a box..
I finally went on the ULINE site
and ordered a bundle of boxes!!

This has changed my shipping anxiety!!
I just make the right box!
Cuts down on shipping costs too!
Buy Original Art Direct from Artist!!
Don't Pay Exorbitant Gallery Fees!!

I won't be caught without A Box for sometime now!!

I also got this awesome catalog
and they delivered the next day!!

Figurative Expression Group * Organize a painting day with your Artist friends!

Some SPRING Inspiration

Great Color and Interpretation

Fun Originality and Composition

Working outside the comfort Zone

Smiles from the Artists
Great Day!!!

It is great to come across other artists that yearn
to get together to paint.
Painting along with other artists is such a treat!
We have decided to get together regularly,
to plan plein air outings, trips to galleries,
coffee discussions, video viewings..
I can't wait to see them again!!

Bistro Chalkboard~ Now you can have a Restaurant style Bistro board at Home!!

Lots of writing space on this
Bistro Chalkboard!

Super textured frame.
Pops off the wall!
Wired, Ready to hang.
Great for writing your supper menu,
grocery list or
a family note..
One of a kind.

☀✣ SOLD ✣☀

Bas Relief *See Art***Feel Art* Fun Dimensional Carved Textured Artworks



Karen, What makes one of your Art Plaques or Paintings different?

My Art Plaque's and Paintings are More than a painting!
Each one starts by being carved in a special plaster that I concoct..
I then paint with glorious color to complete the art piece..
Each piece has ridges and valleys the paint settles in
leaving a beautiful piece
you want to See and Touch!!

How long have you been creating these pieces?

I have been a faux-finish artist since 1993..
So I have always dabbled with plaster and textures..
I love to create as well as paint ..
so I married the two in around 2002 when I moved out east.

Do you do different themes and sizes of this art?

Yes, I can create any type of theme.. travel, food, fantasy, landscape, portrait..
just about anything.. it all looks fab... About any size too..

Can I commission a favorite photo to be one of your Art Plaques or Paintings?

By all means!! If you like my whimsical style..
I can create a wonderful bas relief carved piece of art for you!!
Just contact me!!

What is the difference between an Art Plaque and a Painting?

I create my Art Plaques on a special foam-board that make
them look chunky and light weight.
If you rather a painting on canvas to frame..
I can do that too!!

Isabella's Pasta Caffe *** Atmosphere an A+ In the heart of Downtown Oakville

Great Happening little place!!
Not only is the food the freshest..
once you walk in the door you are welcomed with the warmest most genuine smiles ever!
Hospitality goes a long way these days and it seems to just come natural for owner
Anita K.
I plan on attending the
Scholarscaffe this week ..
and see myself becoming a regular at this
unique and uplifting spot!!

Tiki Lovers... Tiki Kitchen Art.. Vibrant COLOR ** Sweet Texture

Spring Time and the Tiki is out!!
Fress Color.. loads of carved texture!!
Fun art..
These Tiki Paintings POP off the wall!
LIVEN up your kitchen..
Great for TIKI Bars

Pretty Native Maiden Pendants Sweet Spirit Inspirations

I decoupage Mini prints of my painitngs on a Wooden Rectangle
1 3/16inch x 1inch x 3/16inch
Embellished with tiny beads of paint then Sealed
Comes with a Tawny Flat Velvet Necklace Cords 3mm with Lobster Clasp

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