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3 Feathers ~~~ Seawashed Feather Wall hangings

 Like a feather in the Wind
As I drift through this life of mine
I wonder silently,
Is my life not the wind, an I a feather so fine?
Though I am free I walk no path
I simply float and glide
I am placid and flowing
and on gentle lake
lies my reflection
I am but a feather,
and the wind is the journey I take.....

Natural Woodland Wall Art Plaques * Hand Crafted Tree Ring Plaques

I love the look of Natural Slabs of Tree Art..
No trees were harmed in making these Woodland Wall Art Plaques!
Hand crafted and painted .. these are made from incredibly lightweight styrene.. 
Easy to hang.. arrange in any pattern you like!
I take orders for any sizes and shape.. birch or other kinds...
Hang a few larger ones together in a group .. or a lot of small ones!

LOVe is all you need....... Angel Wing Carved Wall Hanging

Love is all you need....
Lightweight yet chunky looking rustic shabby Angel Wing hanging.
Created from lightweight styrene..
Easy to hang 
Hand carved and painted.

WALLSTORY MURALS ✔ DIY paint by number children's mural kits

The adorable wall murals that are sure to
be perfectly delightful in any child's room!!

Do it yourself Paint by Number murals.
DIY mural designs for kids rooms
Have Fun and Be Creative


Let Me Introduce myself! ***FUN SCRAPBLOG*** See My Style..

If you love colorful, fun, chunky wall art please take a LooKy...
Click on Picture... then arrow on the left!
Enjoy the show!

Clever Cut-Outs! ** Wonderful Wall Art Plaques!

Fun Multi Dimensional wall art..
definite conversation piece!
With 17 years as a faux finish artist and many Venetian Plasters
under my belt it was natural to add
Venetian Plaster to my Art Plaques!!
This 20" x 24" x 1" piece was hand crafted and painted with
warm glo sunrise colors..
The inner rims are painted a chocolate brown.
This work seems to pop off the wall!
Looks heavy but is feather light!
Hang additional birds any which way you like..
or even on an adjacent wall.. use your creative mind!
Have some fun with your art!!
***Your wall color shows through cut-outs!!