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Chalkboards* Chalkboards* Chalkboards--- Concentrating on My Chalkboard Business!!!

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ZeeZee Chalkboards are wonderfully unique!!
Instead of just a flat colored surface... these boards go the extra distance...
Bas-relief texture makes your eyes POP!! The colors are absurdly ZeeZee!
Any Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Lounge, Deli, just about anywhere 
would benefit from a ZeeZee Chalkboard!
Choose from many of my unique applications..
I can add 3-D elements with my special cut-outs..
Crazy Carved Frames like none you have ever seen...
Bas-Relief texture...
Metallics, Foaming Mugs of Beer...
Sweet shapes and sizes..
Handsome vinyl roll-ups..easy ship easy install..
Eyepoppin' Painted boards..
Anything Goes...
Home or business.. CONTACT me and we will get started
on your ZeeZee Board!!!

I am never happier than when I am designing and creating a custom chalkboard for someones home or business!


Chalkboards also make great custom gifts!
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Wedding Season Is Coming!! Adorable Bride and Groom Cut-Out Likeness for Cake Table

Not all Wedding Cakes these days have the room for cake toppers...This is the answer!!
Super Cute Adorable Cut-out likeness Of the Bride and Groom!!
Celebrate with out compromising your cake!! Set this cute cut-out beside the cake...

Size 12" x 18" with fold out easel back..
Signed with the Bride and Grooms Name and Wedding date
(anything wording can be added to the nice matte black back.)

****Send me photos of the bride and groom..
Clear recent facial photos Close up with idea of height difference .. glasses worn.. hairdos.. bouquet..corsage.. jewelry, add a dog.. Give me all the details!
I will Customize the cut out as best I can to replicate the bride and Groom for a sweet keepsakes and Table Decor.

I will provide you with a quick sketch..iron out any details and will create your custom Table Couple.

Please allow plenty of time for this as it is a custom product!

By Special Request - A Beautiful Vintage Style Chalkboard is Born

It sure isn't easy to photograph a white frame.. 
When I was asked to try and duplicate a vintage plaster frame I wasn't too sure..
but with a little perserverance I suceeded!
The chalkboard looks great.
I wish the photo's could covey how it looks in reality.
I surprised myself..
It was fun dabbling with plaster..
I am definitely going to pursue more frames like this..
Perfect for Weddings!

NEW!!!! RESTAURANT STYLE CHALKBOARDS!! Cheer up your Kitchen!!


VINO  for the Wine Lover!!!

Margarita Madness!!!

Make your Kitchen a Bistro!
Santa Fe Sunset -Bird on a Wire Art

I have been busy in my studio creating some 
great chalkboards...perfect for gifts
Perfect for your kitchen!!
Lightweight colorful
A Functional work of art!!

Candy Colored Tid Bits of Art ❀ Mini Wood Block Shelf Sitters ❀ Brighten up your living and working spaces!! Great for special Wedding Favors!!

Adorable Sculpted Mini Block Paintings

What a great way to bring art and light to a dreary work space!
Brighten up a corner.. a laundry shelf
kitchen counter.. any spot that could use some cheer.

Sits or hangs in any little spot..
or collect them and make a grouping.
Contact me to create mini's of things that
are important to you!

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Something a Little Different ~ Byzantine Pottery Wall Plaques

Byzantine Style Pottery
Meticulously Hand carved and painted with
gold metallic accents...
Sandy finish looks like sand stone..
Time worn and full of history..

ONE of A Kind Wall plaque..
each plaque that I make is UNIQUE..
This Piece has an added mini shelf for extra interest!!
Looks like a chunk of stone right out of the past!


♛Looking for the Ultimate Gift? ♛COAT OF ARMS

What is a COAT OF ARMS?
A coat of arms or family crest has long been a symbol of a family’s values.
Originally used to identify warriors dressed in armor,
each knight chose symbols and colors to distinguish himself.
These coats of arms have been passed down throughout generations.

Check out the many FREE sites that help you create your own




It is fun to create a family coat of arms!!
Once you have created your coat of arms
using one of these free sites,

have it turned into a beautiful wall plaque !!
I can take your design and transform it into a wonderful
Plaque for you to give as a gift or enjoy in your own home!!
Looks regale, unique!!

The most Original gift!!

Do you want to see C*U*T*E??? Pretty Piggy Mirror!

Does someone you know have a thing for pigs?

Maybe its Elephants...Penguins..
I create these wonderfully cute mirrors
that are truly One of a kind!!

Get away from the catalogue..
have something custom created and personalized
for someone you love..
even if it is yourself!!

I make Piggy Plaques too!!!

Egypt Art ** wall art ** Faux Stone Art Plaques

I have decided to concentrate on doing more of what I love to do!
I get very good feed back on my Egypt Art and my Petroglyphs
I am going to do another series of Faux Stone Art Plaques.
These have a great bas relief effect!
I love the way they look so a slab of stone..
yet are light as a feather.

CORPORATE GIFTS!! Mini Works of Art make a great gift!!

Don't want to give another same old same old gift this year? How about brightening up their work space with a mini work of art?

My Mini Shelf Sitters are great to set beside the monitor for inspiration...

How about a Hand Painted Mint Muddler for those tasy Mojito's..

The mixologists in the group will love this item!!

Mini Glamour Girls are sure to make the gals smile...

Mini Masterpiece Art Pendants

This little piece of wearable art is a copy of an original painting by me decopaged onto a poker chip. Lightweight Fun & Funky art work. I have added some mini beads to the top.Just thread your favorite ribbon, chain or cord through and sport a colorful sparkly piece of art!!Hang anywhere..on a purse..keys..This is a great way to add a little art to your day!


I can personalize a mini work of art to reflect your

companys logo..motto..anything you like!!!