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Artistic Environments
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Karen Kearney Has Gone Social

See my latest paintings, custom chalkboards and art works.
Chat with me.. share your thoughts on the latest art trends.
I would love to hear from you what you would like to see as a new painting...

Tweet with me.. Both on my ArtEnvironments and ZZChalkboard pages!

I show you what I have been working corporate murals, chalkboards and artworks as well as the new works I put in my ETSY shop.

See the fun gift ware t-shirts,mugs and more in my ZAZZLE shop.

Let me know if there is some Custom Created Art Works I can make for you...
I would love to connect with you!

CHRISTINE KANE Be Creative.☯ Be Conscious. Be Courageous.

Now and again you come across people who draw you to them like a magnet.
A person who glows.
This would Christine Kane.
Twitter is an amazing thing.. her tweets are happy tidbits..
Sweet selfless inspirations to help you with your day..
Not to mention her music.. Ahhhh.
Check out her blog
You will be glad you did!!