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Another Round Of Birch Bark Plaques

I love how these birch Bark Plaques turn out!
They are thick and chunky like wood, yet are incredibly light!
Fun Keepsakes for the nature lovers..
Birch Bark carving has a wonderful nostalgic feel...
These plaques can be customized to be save the date... favorite sayings..

New "You Print" Birch Bark Heart Posters

photo's not to scale
I recently had a request for an extra large Birch Bark Plaque...
it got me thinking that these would translate nicely 
to a STAPLES print!!
So I offer you my services to design a Birch Bark Print 
with your names or message on for you!
These are black and white EXTRA LARGE PRINTS
I create a link for you to upload onto a stick..
You take the stick to STAPLES,
request an Engineer Print 3' X 4 '
an voila they Print for you!
I have done many of these prints for clients and for myself.
The paper is actually pretty nice and you can mount 
on a rigid substrate if you want, or print the 2' x 3' size
 and put into a poster frame.

Natural Woodland Wall Art Plaques * Hand Crafted Tree Ring Plaques

I love the look of Natural Slabs of Tree Art..
No trees were harmed in making these Woodland Wall Art Plaques!
Hand crafted and painted .. these are made from incredibly lightweight styrene.. 
Easy to hang.. arrange in any pattern you like!
I take orders for any sizes and shape.. birch or other kinds...
Hang a few larger ones together in a group .. or a lot of small ones!

Sunrise... ☀☁☀ My Favorite Time of the Day!

A recent trip to Fort Myers Beach Florida made me just love these 
Terns with the shock of black feathers on their heads..
I wanted to do some more paintings using my Black ice technique and so came Sunrise..
My Favorite time of the day.
I also have a love for rock piles.
Hope this little painting makes you smile:)

Save the Date -Valentines- Profess your love with Initals carved into Birch Bark Tree!

You Found Your True Love and Want to Shout it From the Mountain Tops??
We have been professing our love over the decades by carving our initials into trees in hopes that they will solidify our love.
This Romantic Symbol of love can be yours to have or give!

These Hand Carved plaques would be a great gift for anyone!! Valentines,Weddings, Anniversaries, Couples gifts....

Portrait or Landscape designs.. Initials, Names or Special Places...
Loving Messages..
Romantic Reminders...

6 x 8 x 1 inches