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Cedar Waxwings on Birch Tree Textured Acrylic Original Painting

One of my memories of childhood is the flocks of Cedar and Bohemian Waxwings that would flood our Mountain Ash tree by out house in Saskatchewan.. I loved the pretty muted birds with the POP of color... The sweet sounds they made... I was inspired to paint them because of their simple beauty... We don't see them here in Ontario..

Rustic Farmhouse .. is that a look? Crackle Angel Wing Floater & Chunky Faux Tin Chalkboard

Love these rustic crackle angle wings.. I can make them in any size you like..
Pairs too!
How about this farmhouse Chunky Chalkboard..
Chunky yet very light!

Check MY SHOP for details!

Poke Salad... Deep south salad from the Pokeweed..... But there is more...

I have always loved Tony Joe White's
What in the world is Poke Salad you ask....
I did a little research and it turns out to be an interesting lil weed...
did a great post on the plant....
Has a great Poke Salat trivia section!
The Poke weed is actually a herb that is said to be very toxic.
Southern cooks boil it three times before making into a dish..
What ever you do DO NOT EAT THE BERRIES...