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Time for a Little Rustic Coffee Art! Creative Kitchen Art

I love Kitchen Art!
Nothing like a great piece with loads of texture to be a focal point in your kitchen.
Who doesn't like the old tin signs of small town restaurants?
This piece has lots of charm... rustic and reminiscent of the shabby tin signs of days gone by.

Mexican Tin Style Chalkboards ~~ Spice Up Your Space

I love Mexican Tin*
There are MT mirrors for sale but no chalkboards...
Now there is*
I hand craft and paint these chalkboards with loads of texture and design.
Shiny Silver base with tarnish aging.
Choose from CROSS, SUN or HEART design.
Spice up your kitchen or business with a beautiful Mexican Tin Style Chalkboard**
This is a convenient 16 x 24 inch size.
I can custom creat other sizes and styles for you too*

Rustic Farmhouse .. is that a look? Crackle Angel Wing Floater & Chunky Faux Tin Chalkboard

Love these rustic crackle angle wings.. I can make them in any size you like..
Pairs too!
How about this farmhouse Chunky Chalkboard..
Chunky yet very light!

Check MY SHOP for details!

Mexican Sun ☀♦☀♦☀ Faux Wrought Iron Chalkboard ☀♦☀♦☀ Handcrafted Hand Painted ~ Kitchen Decor

I love the look of rough hammered wrought iron,
the type you see in Mexico.
I tried my hand at a faux-finish
for one of my chalkboards.
It is sculpted and textured.
This would look great in a Mexican style kitchen.
Has a wire hanger with bead.
Very light weight, very durable.
Each board I create is unique.