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Save the Date -Valentines- Profess your love with Initals carved into Birch Bark Tree!

You Found Your True Love and Want to Shout it From the Mountain Tops??
We have been professing our love over the decades by carving our initials into trees in hopes that they will solidify our love.
This Romantic Symbol of love can be yours to have or give!

These Hand Carved plaques would be a great gift for anyone!! Valentines,Weddings, Anniversaries, Couples gifts....

Portrait or Landscape designs.. Initials, Names or Special Places...
Loving Messages..
Romantic Reminders...

6 x 8 x 1 inches 

Dreaming of the Mediterranean and Whitewash.... El Greco Memory Tiles

Top of my Bucket List is a trip to Santorini.. I dream of gazing over the whitewash buildings down into the beautiful blue seas of the Mediterranean. I created this collection of Artifact Plaques for those who also love the Mystique of the Greek Islands.. a little reminder of that beautiful place on earth.

El Greco Series of Artifact Plaques

Profess Your Love in Stone ❤❤❤ Love Hearts Stone Tiles

When you say "I Love You" why not say it in Stone?
These little tile plaques are hand carved and are deceivingly light!
Carved and crafted from Styrofoam to look like rough stone carvings.
Romantic.. great for him or her!

Personalized Heart Art ❤❤ Carved Birch Tree Plaque

Fun Rustic Faux Carved Birch Bark Tree Keepsakes.
No trees harmed in creating this art!!
I can create any size.. any initials or names!
Makes a great gift!
Simple, clean, modern..
Fits in with today's fresh cottage decor!!

Rustic Farmhouse .. is that a look? Crackle Angel Wing Floater & Chunky Faux Tin Chalkboard

Love these rustic crackle angle wings.. I can make them in any size you like..
Pairs too!
How about this farmhouse Chunky Chalkboard..
Chunky yet very light!

Check MY SHOP for details!