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❤❣❤ Hearts for your Honey ❤❣❤ Original Art Plaques

Heart Wreath

Crown Over Heart

Bird n Heart

Celtic Heart

Heart Flames


Heart with Wings

Three Hearts

Swirly Heart

Profess your love with a Heart of Art!
Each Tic-Tac-Tile is hand carved and painted.
These unique tiles are created to look like stone, 
yet are as light as a feather!
Have one sent directly to your Valentine!!
I will wrap and add a sweet little card along with!
Only one of each! 

For Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards see

Auntumn Splendor - When everything comes together in a positive way....

 When I went into my studio..
I sort of kind of knew what I wanted to do.....
I wanted some texture some autumn colors, trees, roots, swirls...
So I wung it..
I was so happy with the results!
This painting has such great texture..
the colors glow in different ways different times of the day.
It will be hard to give this one looks great right where it is!

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