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Say It In Stone * Inspirational Quotes * Save the Date * Keepsakes * Personalized * Faux Stone Plaques

Do you have a Favorite Quote.. 
A Special Word or Mantra?
How about a Special Date.. 
Keepsakes or Message?
Have it Written in Stone...
Or more accurately Faux Stone. 
I hand carve Hand Craft and Hand Paint each 
Stone Plaque to resemble any kind of stone or wood.

When You want to Display Your Inspirations 
Important Thoughts, Quotes, Words...
Contact me and I will create a Beautiful Faux Lightweight Plaque Keepsakes.

Inspirational Quote Plaques * Stone Marble Cement

Truly a great gift idea....
Everyone has a little quote or saying that we would like set in stone..
Lightweight faux stone plaque.

Something a Little Different ~ Byzantine Pottery Wall Plaques

Byzantine Style Pottery
Meticulously Hand carved and painted with
gold metallic accents...
Sandy finish looks like sand stone..
Time worn and full of history..

ONE of A Kind Wall plaque..
each plaque that I make is UNIQUE..
This Piece has an added mini shelf for extra interest!!
Looks like a chunk of stone right out of the past!


PEACE ON EARTH ¨°º¤ø„¸☀¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨*♥*¨°º¤ø„¸

Peace Dove Stone mousepad
Peace Dove Stone Mousepad

Beautiful products with my PEACE DOVE Stone
art work.
Made to Order
Order in bulk for your shops..
for corporate gifts..
Wedding favors..
or one at a time for a dear friend...
How about a little something for yourself....

Egypt Art ** wall art ** Faux Stone Art Plaques

I have decided to concentrate on doing more of what I love to do!
I get very good feed back on my Egypt Art and my Petroglyphs
I am going to do another series of Faux Stone Art Plaques.
These have a great bas relief effect!
I love the way they look so a slab of stone..
yet are light as a feather.

*Say it in Stone** Quotes on faux Stone Plaque

Inspirational Quotes on a Faux Stone Plaque

Time you enjoyed wasting

was not wasted.

~John Lennon

Whatever you are,
Be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln

Anywhere is paradise

It's up to you

~Author Unknown

Celtic Spirals ~ Triple Spirals

In the mid to late 90's I was making a fair living in Edmonton Alberta as a Faux Finish Artist.

I had the pleasure of painting two Irish pubs and got very familiar with painting the triple spiral, as I had to turn a number of shabby columns into grand monoliths carved with celtic spirals.

The dance floor at The Druid I outlined in a braid of celtic knots with a stylized dragon head at each end. It was a fabulous job ! The Pub owners.. the best.. I do miss those days of painting as the patrons watched and marvelled over the paint techniques I did before them..

The trompe loeil bicycle leaning against the wall of O'Byrne's on Whyte Ave..

The many Irish tunes that were embeded in my mind...

That was years ago..I wonder if my adornments are still there....

Stone Tablets

Is there a image that you would like to turn to stone?

These stone tablets are remarkably realistic, yet lightweight!
Have a stone tablet creatd for your home..You can also "Say it in Stone"
have a favorite saying created. Hand crafted and hand painted.

Ispirations In Stone...

The power of positive thinking.. A great thing for the soul .. feed your inner peace with your favorite quote.

The letters are carved into the piece giving it a warm dimensional quality.
Inspirations in Stone make great gifts!

My MEMORY PLAQUES makes a nice little gift also!!

6" x 8" x 1"

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