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New "You Print" Birch Bark Heart Posters

photo's not to scale
I recently had a request for an extra large Birch Bark Plaque...
it got me thinking that these would translate nicely 
to a STAPLES print!!
So I offer you my services to design a Birch Bark Print 
with your names or message on for you!
These are black and white EXTRA LARGE PRINTS
I create a link for you to upload onto a stick..
You take the stick to STAPLES,
request an Engineer Print 3' X 4 '
an voila they Print for you!
I have done many of these prints for clients and for myself.
The paper is actually pretty nice and you can mount 
on a rigid substrate if you want, or print the 2' x 3' size
 and put into a poster frame.

Michael's Wings Sculpted Angel Wing Wall Hanging and Printable Large Poster

Beautiful Set of hand Crafted Hand Sculpted wings that float off the wall....
Shimmering Silver and Softly Shadowed with color...
Inspirational.. Lovely .. hang alone or in a group with other pieces.
Have 1" Styrofoam Backer so that they loo like they are floating on the wall.
Each wing measures 21" x 9" and hangs 1" off the wall

LARGE Scale Printable {STAPLES}Poster
3' X 4' 

Staples Engineer DIY Print * One step further.....

Super large Engineer Prints form STAPLES are all the rage these days. 
I decided to take my DIY Print one .. actually Two steps further.

Love the way the print came out! and the paper quality was a little better than I expected
I chose a Picnic picture of my beautiful granddaughter to give as a surprise to my Daughter and Son in law
I mounted it on a sheet of builders styrene from Home Depot Painting the edges in black
It was so easy to install.. being so incredibly lightweight... 4 pieces of mounting adhesive was plenty
They will be so surprised when they get back from their trip :)
I hand colored the flower for a bit of a "POP"
Added some glitz.. pearls and diamonds.. My daughter is a girly girl..
A little color..

When they came home I got the call.. a squealing happy daughter... 
Thank You MoM **** That was enough for me :) :)
This project was under $20.00 can you believe it!