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3 Feathers ~~~ Seawashed Feather Wall hangings

 Like a feather in the Wind
As I drift through this life of mine
I wonder silently,
Is my life not the wind, an I a feather so fine?
Though I am free I walk no path
I simply float and glide
I am placid and flowing
and on gentle lake
lies my reflection
I am but a feather,
and the wind is the journey I take.....

Sardines... Crackly Watery Goodness.... Crayon Coral....

 I really had fun with this one.. I knew I wanted to paint some 
silvery type minnows and play around a bit.
I love the way the top of the water came out crackly and kind of Raku-like...
The fish are very pretty and I played with some melted crayon for the coral..
All in all I love the combined look..


I wanna Get Corked!!!! Loving Natural Beautiful Environmentally Friendy Cork!!!

Amazing Items!! Check out Tree Hugger!!

I LOVE this DIY cork lamp!! What a nice touch!

Getting creative with cork!! Wow great ideas!!

Cork is actually harvested!! So Cool!!

I found a great local store for all kinds of cork items!
I am so excited to now offer cork boards and 
combination cork chalkboards for you!
I love this incredible material and you will be seeing
more of it used in my works in the future!!

sabumaru's flicker
What a Beautiful Tree!!!