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Windows to the World * Now you can have a Window to your Paradise in your Home!

Windows To The WORLD

Mexican Mesa

RED Tuscan Hillside

Mexican Adobo

White Tuscan Hillside

Santorini Morning

Mountain Hummingbird

Tuscan Picnic

Moroccan Nights
Why Not have a Window to your paradise made?

Michael's Wings Sculpted Angel Wing Wall Hanging and Printable Large Poster

Beautiful Set of hand Crafted Hand Sculpted wings that float off the wall....
Shimmering Silver and Softly Shadowed with color...
Inspirational.. Lovely .. hang alone or in a group with other pieces.
Have 1" Styrofoam Backer so that they loo like they are floating on the wall.
Each wing measures 21" x 9" and hangs 1" off the wall

LARGE Scale Printable {STAPLES}Poster
3' X 4' 

Sunrise... ☀☁☀ My Favorite Time of the Day!

A recent trip to Fort Myers Beach Florida made me just love these 
Terns with the shock of black feathers on their heads..
I wanted to do some more paintings using my Black ice technique and so came Sunrise..
My Favorite time of the day.
I also have a love for rock piles.
Hope this little painting makes you smile:)