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Chalkboards* Chalkboards* Chalkboards--- Concentrating on My Chalkboard Business!!!

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ZeeZee Chalkboards are wonderfully unique!!
Instead of just a flat colored surface... these boards go the extra distance...
Bas-relief texture makes your eyes POP!! The colors are absurdly ZeeZee!
Any Restaurant, Bar, Pub, Lounge, Deli, just about anywhere 
would benefit from a ZeeZee Chalkboard!
Choose from many of my unique applications..
I can add 3-D elements with my special cut-outs..
Crazy Carved Frames like none you have ever seen...
Bas-Relief texture...
Metallics, Foaming Mugs of Beer...
Sweet shapes and sizes..
Handsome vinyl roll-ups..easy ship easy install..
Eyepoppin' Painted boards..
Anything Goes...
Home or business.. CONTACT me and we will get started
on your ZeeZee Board!!!

I am never happier than when I am designing and creating a custom chalkboard for someones home or business!


Chalkboards also make great custom gifts!
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Custom Created House Signs * House Plaques * Names and Numbers Lighweight - Weather Resistant

Hand-Carved, Hand-Painted Personalized 
Lightweight Home Signs.
Chunky Heavy looking Yet created from a light, polystyrene.
I can create for you custom, personalized home signs for your home.
These signs can be installed outdoors and have a stable outdoor life.
I paint them and seal them with outdoor house paints.

I can also make ALL kinds of signs

Mexican Tin Style Chalkboards ~~ Spice Up Your Space

I love Mexican Tin*
There are MT mirrors for sale but no chalkboards...
Now there is*
I hand craft and paint these chalkboards with loads of texture and design.
Shiny Silver base with tarnish aging.
Choose from CROSS, SUN or HEART design.
Spice up your kitchen or business with a beautiful Mexican Tin Style Chalkboard**
This is a convenient 16 x 24 inch size.
I can custom creat other sizes and styles for you too*

Cherubs and Stone Custom Chalkboard*****

I have the nicest clients around!!
This board started out to be a basic Stone framed board 
but through excellent communication and some 
patience we ended up with this beautiful Chalkboard!
My client has beautiful pickled Oak cupboards 
and a cherub theme already going.. 
So the basic board below blossomed into a wonderful 
Art Chalkboard
From Basic to Beautiful..

Get Together With Your Local Artists!! Create a Art-Wall in your Shop and Create a Buzz....

If you Own or Manage a Business..
A Coffee Shop.. Card &Gift Store..
Restaurant.. Clothing.. Spa..
Beauty Salon..
Consider hanging a local Artists work on any
bare walls in your establishment!
Not only do you support your local artists...
you offer your clientele a sweet little service,
not to mention a little extra income!

Your Bare walls are valuable real estate!
Contact a local Artist and fill them up!

New York City* A Pleasant Surprise * Great Eats * Friendly People

We bellied up to the bar at this great spot to
have an afternoon cocktail..
The cocktail of my choice was a Mojito and boy
Kylie sure knew how to satisfy a huge craving!
I have had my share of Mojitos
from Havana Cuba to the Dominican Republic.

Muddle Lime and Mint Leaves in bottom of glass
Add generous portion of Bacardi Limon
Add a measure of Simple Syrup
Fill glass with ice
Squirt of soda
Top with Dark rum
Sprinkle small amount of White sugar


We went back the next day!!!!!
She makes a Mean Bloody Mary too!!

Gotta Brag about my Great Custom.... ZexZee Chalkboards!! Fabulous boards Kitchens,Cafe's,Bistro's,Restaurants....*you name it!! Eye Poppin' Color

ZexZee Custom Chalkboards are fun and functional works of art!
How are they different than other chalkboards?
I Hand texture the art work so it POPs off the board,
giving them astounding color and presence!
My boards are feather light..not your heavy chunky chalkboard!
ZexZee chalkboards are either a terrific roll-up style..
or my signature lightweight /durable easy hang style.
See my blog for unique ZexZee chalkboards.. I make great frames too!! Far from the "SQUARE" frames available....My whimsical style has all the charm of a hand-crafted, hand-painted work of art! There is no beating a ZexZee Chalkboard for your home or business!! Make great custom gifts too!!!
Don't go Flat!! Go fabulous!!!
ZexZee Chalkboards


Le Beaujolais Fine Dining ~ Bistro Cafe De Paris ~ Banff Alberta Canada

"Cafe de Paris"

offers you a variety of three dining venues!

I sure haven't done much painting as of late...
Looking for a new house and packing up the old has kept me very busy!
I was happy to be contacted for a
Custom Blackboard by this wonderful restaurant
in Banff Alberta!!
I have dined there and must say it is like heaven on earth!