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Large Wing Canvas Prints Now Available! Matching Pillows too!

not to scale
 Lovely Canvas Print Angel Wings.. 
Make a statement!
Small 9" x 19"
Medium 12" x 24"
Large 18' x 36"

Add A Toss Pillow or Two!!


I went to get the mail this dreary morning
to see a packet I was very anxiously awaiting...
Now being an artist that sells a lot of my work on-line..
it is easy to get caught up in the Me-Me of it all...
Twittering Me-Me..
Blogging Me-Me...

I want to take this time to PAY IT FORWARD 
Soul Sister Style
Your Sweet Moonbeam....
...your one of my kind....

I am so inspired by the wonderful color and shapes..

Lindy has started a movement...
See Lindy's BLOG for more..

It is impossible not to enjoy Lindy's art!
She is passionate about and art!


Tia The Tarot Card Reader

I have always loved Gypsies and Fortune Tellers...

Tia is painted on hardboard with Acrylics
and sealed with a non-yellowing sealer.


Get prints from my ZAZZLE shop

**Fun Shopping***Art Gifts*** Give ZAZZLE*******

Christmas will soon be upon us..
why give the same old gifts??

Shop from the comfort of your own home.
Get creatively wonderful gifts from my
ZAZZLE store!!

I have turned a wide range of my
Art Plaques and Mini Wood blocks
into fun gift items!

These are printed on demand just for you!
Browse my store and come back often as
I am adding new products all the time!!

Classy Art Prints

Great Custom Tote Bags

Fun Personalized Mugs
and Much Much More!!!

Personalization is offered
on most products!!!

One Thoughtful Pir8t !!!!!

How nice was this Pir8t??
She sent me a photo of a few of my
Pirate ACEO's she purchased on ETSY!!
I thought it only proper to give her great
Etsy store a little Plug!
Bet you did't know you could frame an
ACEO and have it look so grand!!
Great work Pir8t!!
Check out her awesome bottle cap art!!!

Daphne Odjig* Four Decades of Prints

Daphne Odjig
One of the most respected and uniquely individualistic
Woodland Indian artists working in Canada today.
Born on the Wikwemikong Indian Reserve on Manitoulin Island,
she is a member of the Ojibwa tribe.

She has an exhibition on at The Museum of Civilization
Jan 10 to April 20th 2008

To read a wonderful biography on her please read
An Ojibwa Elders Art and Stories

She is a member of the Indian Group of Seven.
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