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New "You Print" Birch Bark Heart Posters

photo's not to scale
I recently had a request for an extra large Birch Bark Plaque...
it got me thinking that these would translate nicely 
to a STAPLES print!!
So I offer you my services to design a Birch Bark Print 
with your names or message on for you!
These are black and white EXTRA LARGE PRINTS
I create a link for you to upload onto a stick..
You take the stick to STAPLES,
request an Engineer Print 3' X 4 '
an voila they Print for you!
I have done many of these prints for clients and for myself.
The paper is actually pretty nice and you can mount 
on a rigid substrate if you want, or print the 2' x 3' size
 and put into a poster frame.

Michael's Wings Sculpted Angel Wing Wall Hanging and Printable Large Poster

Beautiful Set of hand Crafted Hand Sculpted wings that float off the wall....
Shimmering Silver and Softly Shadowed with color...
Inspirational.. Lovely .. hang alone or in a group with other pieces.
Have 1" Styrofoam Backer so that they loo like they are floating on the wall.
Each wing measures 21" x 9" and hangs 1" off the wall

LARGE Scale Printable {STAPLES}Poster
3' X 4' 

Custom Created Chalkboard Posters!!

***NEW SERVICE FROM ZeeZee Custom Chalkboards!! Custom Created Chalkboard Posters Just for you! Great LARGE format chalkboard posters!! Just send me your info and I will design a Poster especially for you and your event! These are fantastic Chalkboard posters great for any kind of Celebration! Weddings, Anniversary, Special Days, Reunions, Holidays! Almost Anything!
I send you the file and you simply pop onto a jump drive, go to STAPLES and have them print your poster up to 24" x 36" for under 10 dollars. They print with their "BluePrint" Technique which gives you a lower quality resolution.. But that works perfectly for this application! Win Win! Each design I create for you is $20.00 a design but it is yours forever.. print any size.. post cards, pictures.. anything over and over again. Portrait or Landscape.. contact me for more information! ****These posters look awesome Applied to Black Foam Core With Spray adhesive!!

Engagement, Wedding, Lovers, Couples...

Pineapple Decor ✣♒✣♒✣♒ Exotic Welcome~~Luxurious Art ✣♒✣♒

A Welcoming Symbol of Hospitality!

Richly colored.. a warm and welcome
Poster for your

Carribean Charm

Great Hostess Gift, Wedding gift, Anytime gift!

The Pineapple is a richly Historic Symbol
Christopher Columbus brought this
sweet fruit back to
Renissance Europe
a curious and decadent treat.

Amelia Earhart ♥♥ Where are you? Original Painting on Hardboard

For some great info and fun merchandise on Amelia
Click below...

She was a great inspiration to women breaking into
the "Man's World"

Keep Calm and Carry On ** Say it in Stone!!! Super Popular War Time Slogan

If you love this war time slogan,
but the fruity colored posters just don't fit your decor..
here is an Earthy Option!
Hand Crafted ~ Hand Carved Styro Plaque..
Light weight ..easy to hang!!
Unique to Me!!
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