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Personalized Heart Art ❤❤ Carved Birch Tree Plaque

Fun Rustic Faux Carved Birch Bark Tree Keepsakes.
No trees harmed in creating this art!!
I can create any size.. any initials or names!
Makes a great gift!
Simple, clean, modern..
Fits in with today's fresh cottage decor!!

Sweet Sentimental Post Card Painting ~~ Personalize... Add your own post script!!

Love the look of the sweet old sentimental postards
of the depression era?
Have one created for someone special..
personalize with their name and any
sweet sentiment you like!!
This postcard is to a ficticious Miss Tuttle..Purchase Miss Tuttle
or Order your very own!
12" x 16" canvas board ready to hang...
I have covered the back with a colorful wall paper.
My Dearest Lilly,
We have arrived safely, and I must say the country
side is lovely!
Will write again soon.
Love Sara
Miss Lilly Tuttle
143 Serendipity Drive
West Willingham

Do you want to see C*U*T*E??? Pretty Piggy Mirror!

Does someone you know have a thing for pigs?

Maybe its Elephants...Penguins..
I create these wonderfully cute mirrors
that are truly One of a kind!!

Get away from the catalogue..
have something custom created and personalized
for someone you love..
even if it is yourself!!

I make Piggy Plaques too!!!

Custom Name Plaques..Babys Tots Teens Animals!!!


These wonderful name plaques are hand carved and hand painted. Cute shapes and styles.I can make your plaque to match any theme.. They can match bedding, favorite animals.. For boys or girls!! All are One of A Kind!Extremely light weight easy to hang! Hang on the door with Velcro.. or on the wall on a simple push pin! Great gift!! They are very charming!! Have a dimensional quality! I use sparkles small cutouts and bright colors to enhance these plaques!