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Muddle this!!! Hand Painted Mojito Muddler

Muddle in style!!
Why not have a Marvelous
Hand Painted Muddler to compliment your
Mojito Making!!
Hand assembled natural wood turnings..
Painted any way you want!!!
Makes a Great Gift!!!

Art Need Not Be "Square" Fun Funky Shapes....Gargoyle, Leopard, Fun Fish

Think Out Side the Square!!
Interested in something different to fill your spaces?
How about a fun shape..
I can collaborate with you to create the perfect
piece suited especially for yor decor!!!
I am in the misdst of moving and will be back at it in October..
Start thinking about your special project TODAY!!

Need A Fun And FUNky Blackboard for your Kitchen????

Beautiful Custom made Blackboards
the likes you will find NO WHERE ELSE!!!
Have one Custom created to fit your kitchen!!
Almost any size..any shape..any theme!!!