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Her Morning Elegance * Inspirational Large Original Angel Painting

"Her Morning Elegance"
I like to think that there are Angels among us.. 
I have really enjoyed creating my ANGEL WING hangings for people!
They have really taken off.. :)
I must admit... I am a feather girl.. I love fluffy white feathers.. to paint them
and actually feathers of all kinds.
Her Morning Elegance is an Inspirational Acrylic and Oil painting.
I hope to lift ones spirits and to keep the Belief in Angels a little more cognizant.
Painted in soft subtle shades attention to detail in the dress and wings.
She is Available HERE

 not to scale

Mermaid Collectors!!! A Must Have** Adorable Standing Mermaids....

SWEET little Mermaids.. embellished and glittery..

Come with their own little stands....

Look AMAZING as a Group!!

Or... In Pairs..

Are YOU Running out of Wall Space??
Collect these SWeet Folk Standing Mermaids..
Great for mantles, bookshelves, coffee tables..
any little spot you would love some fun and color!!
These make incredible "Girly Gifts"
Start collecting..
More of these will come..

Do you want to see C*U*T*E??? Pretty Piggy Mirror!

Does someone you know have a thing for pigs?

Maybe its Elephants...Penguins..
I create these wonderfully cute mirrors
that are truly One of a kind!!

Get away from the catalogue..
have something custom created and personalized
for someone you love..
even if it is yourself!!

I make Piggy Plaques too!!!

Do the Split :) Yum Colorful Kitchen Art Plaques


Here I go into nostalgic mode again...
I remember regularly having a tasty Banana Split as a child.
We would go down town to the Woolworths store and saddle up to the
Chrome 50's style soda bar to order this delicacy.
Mmmm... Who makes a decent Banana Split these days?
This Bold Kitchen Plaque was created to honor that
wonderful composition called

GLAMOUR GIRLS.. Puttin on the Glitz!!!

My Oh So Popular
Ready for a night on the town!!

Tina makes a wicked Chocolate Martini!
Check her out at the TIKI LOUNGE!
Sandra loves the Spotlight!
She was born to wear feathers!!

Hats are her thing!!

Magda loves the Spring evening Air..
She is wearing Midnight Mist!

Check out my GLAMOUR GIRLS

C*A*M*E*O*S are all the rage!!!!

Recently the CAMEO has made a major comeback!!
In the efforts to be original..
I have created these darling little Cameo ACEO's.
They are sooo darling!
The color is amazing and I have embellished
them so they have a 3-d quality!
Each one is like she has a little personality of her own.
Nice enough to frame!!
Give as a gift or collect for yourself..
Something a little different!




These little jewels are amazing in person!
No scanner or camera can capture the sparkle in the eye
and ultra fine mica powders used!!
Click on each picture for more..