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Adorable Wedding Favor Mini Chalkboards * Personalized Custom

These adorable Post-it-note sized chalkboards 
are a perfect Wedding Favor for almost any themed wedding!
A great personalized keepsakes that is handy too.
This great size cuts down on looking for 
that scrap of paper to leave little notes.
I hand crafted a small heart stamp for the back 
that features the bride and groom.
Individually wrapped, hand made with love...
These Mini boards were made to compliment the
following larger Activities Board

* Nature Notes ~ Cedar Chalkboard Tablets Great gifts for the hard to get for! Makes Original Wedding Gifts for Bestmen & Bridesmaids

 Cardinal in Aspen

Chickadee In Pines

These little Cedar Chalkboards
are created from rough-cut, sweet smelling cedar.
Nature Notes would make a wonderful thank you gift, wedding favor gift, 
a great gift for those hard-to-get-for men and women you know!

Comes with a white Faber-Castell pastel pencil for easy writing and erasing.
Back side has a little nature inspired watercolored wood burning.

 Order multiples for a great Original Best Man or Bridesmaid gifts...
Custom woodburnings done on backside....
Green..cuts down on paper use...
Sweet smelling...
Nice to look at!