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Natural Woodland Wall Art Plaques * Hand Crafted Tree Ring Plaques

I love the look of Natural Slabs of Tree Art..
No trees were harmed in making these Woodland Wall Art Plaques!
Hand crafted and painted .. these are made from incredibly lightweight styrene.. 
Easy to hang.. arrange in any pattern you like!
I take orders for any sizes and shape.. birch or other kinds...
Hang a few larger ones together in a group .. or a lot of small ones!

* Nature Notes ~ Cedar Chalkboard Tablets Great gifts for the hard to get for! Makes Original Wedding Gifts for Bestmen & Bridesmaids

 Cardinal in Aspen

Chickadee In Pines

These little Cedar Chalkboards
are created from rough-cut, sweet smelling cedar.
Nature Notes would make a wonderful thank you gift, wedding favor gift, 
a great gift for those hard-to-get-for men and women you know!

Comes with a white Faber-Castell pastel pencil for easy writing and erasing.
Back side has a little nature inspired watercolored wood burning.

 Order multiples for a great Original Best Man or Bridesmaid gifts...
Custom woodburnings done on backside....
Green..cuts down on paper use...
Sweet smelling...
Nice to look at!