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For the Love of the Hudsons Bay Blanket... Blanket Warmth

My Native Maiden Painting Called Blanket Warmth
 Mural concept, Bay & Bloor, Toronto.

       Amazing beautiful Knitted Crib Blanket

The rich 300-year history of the Hudson Bay Company

Hudson Bay Swiss Army Knife

How much more Canadian can you

3 Feathers ~~~ Seawashed Feather Wall hangings

 Like a feather in the Wind
As I drift through this life of mine
I wonder silently,
Is my life not the wind, an I a feather so fine?
Though I am free I walk no path
I simply float and glide
I am placid and flowing
and on gentle lake
lies my reflection
I am but a feather,
and the wind is the journey I take.....

I am THRILLED with my new Custom Kindle Cover!!

 I got a little Kindle Paperwhite to do some of my
summer reading.
I wanted a nice case and looked at the stores ..
nothing I liked and they were pretty expensive.
I decided to look on my  ZAZZLE site for something special.
I created this Custom Case featuring my Nature Maiden Art!
It made very very well! I am impressed!
The printing of the art is beautiful. the fabric cover is soft and color is vibrant!
the inside is a soft leather.
My Kindle Paperwhite fits perfectly.

 I personalized it on the back with my Name.
the stitching is beautifully done..
I love it!
 I will treasure this.. I would say these make a wonderful gift!!!
If you would like me to create a custom cover of almost ANY kind for you..
Featuring my art of course.. Just contact me!

* Cruelty Free Hide Sign

I will update you when this has been cut out and has been strung up onto some wooden poles*
So excited to share.. it turned out to nice*
It will be so nice once it is finished an up on the wall***
See More of my Native Inspired Art

Love Totems?.. Spirit Guides? Crow, Grizzly,Raven and Magpie.. New Spirit Tees and Posters!

Come on into my Shop and have a look around!
Great gift art tee shirts, posters..You name it!!
Just updated my shop with some Spirit Tee shirts and Posters..
Crow, Magpie, Raven and Grizzly Totems

Beautiful Art Mousepads!!!


Create a custom mousepad for home and office! Decorate your desk with your favorite of my Art designs that look great and protect your mouse from scratches and debris. If you would like me to create a mousepad from any of my art works just let me know!!

* 9.25" x 7.75" – Perfect for any desk or work space.
* Quality, full-color printing.
* Durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant.
* Non-slip backing.
* No minimum order.

Keep Calm and Carry On mousepad
Keep Calm and Carry On