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Lake Love * Two Trees At Little Lake * Beautiful bas-relief Textured Original Painting - Great Color sculpted details

I Love the Lake!
We haven't had a chance to get to a lake for a long time..
Life happens...
So I wanted to try my unique bas-relief style to create
a serene painting of a lake scene...

The colors turned out very nice...

Conference Room Reved up with Hand painted Mural

White and Not so Wonderful...

Rev Up The Room with some Branding!
Hand Painted with Bold Color!

Brings the Room alive...
Charge Up the Atmosphere
in your Conference Rooms!
It is amazing how some well
placed art work can
Totally Change the room!!

WALLSTORY MURALS ✔ DIY paint by number children's mural kits

The adorable wall murals that are sure to
be perfectly delightful in any child's room!!

Do it yourself Paint by Number murals.
DIY mural designs for kids rooms
Have Fun and Be Creative


Farewell WHITEY ~*~ 1989 -2008

Whaaa.. How can it be possible to be so attached to a car??
I have had Whitey almost 20 years..
245,000 clicks later..
many MAny Faux finishes and Murals completed...

Good Bye Dear friend...

There is solice in knowing he is going to

a good cause.

Donated to...

Coming Soon...Baby Artistique!!

The sweetest wall art around!
Personalized especially for your baby..wall hangings, birth plaques,
above crib murals, name plaques..letters...
Can custom match any bedding you have!!! Yay!!
Keepsakes for baby!

The New Generation of Murals!!

This mural was hand Painted on a canvas sheeting.. Applied to the wall with Wallpaper paste!!

No need for the artist to have to spend hours in your home.. this mural can be installed in minutes.. I created this mural in my Studio, cut it out and Voila..there it is ..on the wall! It looks as if it was painted right where it hangs..the best part about these wall paper and canvas murals is that they are moveable.. you move.. they go with you!! Your imagination can go wild.. mix small cut outs with large.. a little blackboard paint and literally you can change your child's room in a week end. This is a great DIY project.. or if you want.. just visit my web site and contact me to start a wonder land of cut outs for your Kids!!!

Artistic Environments