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. ❤✵ New additions to my Etsy Shop!

Personalized Cute Kissing Bird Wall Plaque


OWL and EAGLE Feather

OWL Feather~~ Watercolor mounted on Crackle

EAGLE Feather ~ Watercolor on Crackle

Jack Pine Cone ~ Watercolor Mounted on Crackle

Ponderosa Pine Cone ~ watercolor mounted on crackle

My love of a peaceful forest floor and its calm beauty
inspired me to create zen like art for the modern home.
I hope you follow along and enjoy these simple original works of art. 
See My Etsy Shop for more!

~~ARTISTIC ARTIFACTS ~~New Shop!!!~~ Beautiful Textural Works of Art


This is a taste of what is to come in my shop..
A selection of sizes, colors and subjects are coming...

Artifacts of great color and texture from
far away lands and times....
Symbols and Images of Kings, Pharaohs,
Natives and Common folk...
Patterns, Textures, Metallics,and Rich Color..
Art for Men and Women...
Warm rich tones to enhance our lives...

Buy Your own Artistic Artifact HERE