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Mexican Sun ☀♦☀♦☀ Faux Wrought Iron Chalkboard ☀♦☀♦☀ Handcrafted Hand Painted ~ Kitchen Decor

I love the look of rough hammered wrought iron,
the type you see in Mexico.
I tried my hand at a faux-finish
for one of my chalkboards.
It is sculpted and textured.
This would look great in a Mexican style kitchen.
Has a wire hanger with bead.
Very light weight, very durable.
Each board I create is unique.


~*** CInco de Mayo~*****


Next time you go to make your favorite salsa.. yes make!
Super easy..
A few firm tomatoes diced small, add a large sweet onion diced
chop up some cilantro ..toss it in..
squeeze some fresh lime juice over all..a dash of salt..a grind of pepper
oh yes don't forget the
finely chopped jalepino!!
Serve with nacho chips..
To go with this treat I suggest a
I recently had one at Joey Tomato's

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