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Frida Kahlo in Bamboo - Original Acrylic Painting

I love to paint on hardboard.. I like the way the paint moves for me.
I had a hankering to do some more Frida Paintings so I started with this one,
featuring her Monkey and a Fawn.
I soft sculpted a basic frame.
I love the colors it came together rather nicely.
i detailed a bit with some dimensional paints.
For some other Frida Inspired Works check out this page, 
where I created Frida HANGING ORNIES
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Windows to the World * Now you can have a Window to your Paradise in your Home!

Windows To The WORLD

Mexican Mesa

RED Tuscan Hillside

Mexican Adobo

White Tuscan Hillside

Santorini Morning

Mountain Hummingbird

Tuscan Picnic

Moroccan Nights
Why Not have a Window to your paradise made?

Fabulous Frida * Two sided Hanging Ornaments ~~ Frida Collectors

BLUE BRAID / SUNFLOWER Frida Hanging Ornament

LAVENDER ROSE /FEATHER Frida Hanging Ornament
MONKEY/DAISY Frida Hanging Ornament
NASTURTUIM/GOLD TOOTH Frida Hanging Ornament


2 Sided Hanging Ornaments with Embellishments and Real Hanging Earrings

Hang Anywhere! Ribbon and Bead Hanger on each one!
One Of A Kind
Collect them
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Mexican Tin Style Chalkboards ~~ Spice Up Your Space

I love Mexican Tin*
There are MT mirrors for sale but no chalkboards...
Now there is*
I hand craft and paint these chalkboards with loads of texture and design.
Shiny Silver base with tarnish aging.
Choose from CROSS, SUN or HEART design.
Spice up your kitchen or business with a beautiful Mexican Tin Style Chalkboard**
This is a convenient 16 x 24 inch size.
I can custom creat other sizes and styles for you too*

Mexicali Heart Cross Original Textured Painting

On a recent visit to Mexico I came to love the rustic
warm iron art.
Here is my version of a Rustic Cross with
a heart in the center.
Available in my etsy store 
See the bottom of this page.