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Another Round Of Birch Bark Plaques

I love how these birch Bark Plaques turn out!
They are thick and chunky like wood, yet are incredibly light!
Fun Keepsakes for the nature lovers..
Birch Bark carving has a wonderful nostalgic feel...
These plaques can be customized to be save the date... favorite sayings..

Say It In Stone * Inspirational Quotes * Save the Date * Keepsakes * Personalized * Faux Stone Plaques

Do you have a Favorite Quote.. 
A Special Word or Mantra?
How about a Special Date.. 
Keepsakes or Message?
Have it Written in Stone...
Or more accurately Faux Stone. 
I hand carve Hand Craft and Hand Paint each 
Stone Plaque to resemble any kind of stone or wood.

When You want to Display Your Inspirations 
Important Thoughts, Quotes, Words...
Contact me and I will create a Beautiful Faux Lightweight Plaque Keepsakes.

Personalized Heart Art ❤❤ Carved Birch Tree Plaque

Fun Rustic Faux Carved Birch Bark Tree Keepsakes.
No trees harmed in creating this art!!
I can create any size.. any initials or names!
Makes a great gift!
Simple, clean, modern..
Fits in with today's fresh cottage decor!!

Wedding Season Is Coming!! Adorable Bride and Groom Cut-Out Likeness for Cake Table

Not all Wedding Cakes these days have the room for cake toppers...This is the answer!!
Super Cute Adorable Cut-out likeness Of the Bride and Groom!!
Celebrate with out compromising your cake!! Set this cute cut-out beside the cake...

Size 12" x 18" with fold out easel back..
Signed with the Bride and Grooms Name and Wedding date
(anything wording can be added to the nice matte black back.)

****Send me photos of the bride and groom..
Clear recent facial photos Close up with idea of height difference .. glasses worn.. hairdos.. bouquet..corsage.. jewelry, add a dog.. Give me all the details!
I will Customize the cut out as best I can to replicate the bride and Groom for a sweet keepsakes and Table Decor.

I will provide you with a quick sketch..iron out any details and will create your custom Table Couple.

Please allow plenty of time for this as it is a custom product!

Great West Union Telegram * Celebrate Baby's Birth

Cute Keepsakes T-Shirts & Postcards
Personalize with baby's birth date and/or name
Add any other note on bottom!

Create any type of t-shirt for him and
her announcing baby's birth!!
Great Vintage Telegram look!!

See My ZAZZLE Shop

✍♥✉ Personalized Postcards for any Occaision ✍♥✉ Love letters to your loved ones..

✍♥✉Romantic Personalized Postcards ✍♥✉
I will create for you a beautiful vintage style Postcard
The look of timeworn parchment
Sweet sentiments written especially
for you or your loved ones.
I texture and faux finish each postcard

Wonderful as a Mothers Day gift..
Birthday wish, Anniversary gift,
Wedding gift,
Makes a special Keepsakes


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