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CHALK IT UP TO LOVE * Cute Rustic Chalkboard Look Love quotes

Other special Messages you can have made are

  • Forever Your Guy
  • Imagine...
  • The Little Things...
  •  At Last...
  • Namaste
  • Wild Thang..
  • Go With The Flo
  • Love.. Life..
  • Howl at The Moon
  • Keep Calm
  • No Regrets
  • Forever More
  • Never More
  • Love is Enough
  • Beauty and Brains..
  • Let it Be.
  • Hero in You
  • So Good Together
  • Drama Mamma 
  • Be Joyful 
  • Starry Starry Night
  • Raise Me Up
  • Let's Dance
  • Popsicle Toes
  • Simple Abundance
 Or any other short Quote that means something special to you!!

NEW Affordable Prints from my Original Wood Block Paintings - Nature Maidens Inspirational Prints

From an early age I was always drawn to the gentle mystique of Indian Folk Lore.
The Cardinal was always calling to me and I realized that he was my Totem, 
my Spirit Guide.
The Maidens were created to pay homage to the strength of woman 
and the spirits that lay within us all.
I embellish my prints with prismacolor pencils to highlight and pop out the colors.

Finished with a feather.....

A Favorite Thing..... BIRCH BARK CANOES... Something I love and gives me inspiration...




When I was in Grade school someone 
donated an old birch Bark Canoe to the school.. 
Some old Voyager the Principal knew. 
They hung it in the lobby and I remember loving it,
wondering how it was actually made, the bending of the bark.
How could it be waterproof? Where had it been? 
What a beautiful object...

A Birch Bark Canoe...

On peaceful waters, my vision began,
reflections of diamonds, bouncing off of the sand.
A birch bark canoe with carved wooden paddles,
he points to his horse, on the shore with no saddle.

Together my son, " we'll journey awhile,
" on Great Mother Lake, under the warmth of the sky. "
He gave me an oar and we were guided along,
birds flying high, praises of love in their songs.

Silver birch trees and the tall mighty pines,
colored the landscape, with shades delicate and fine.
The birch bark canoe, he did make with his hands,
many moons ago, just left alone on the sands.

He said with a smile, " that time has been found,
by the love of Great Spirit, together we're bound. "
" The forces of all life, should work together for good,
like the birch bark canoe, the tree gave of her wood. "

The day went so swiftly, the night came too soon,
as the vision was fading, above glowed the moon.
" The birch bark canoe and the gem of dark blue,
true gift's of the spirit, I have given to you. "
 Harold A. Sutton

See My Faux Birch Bark Items  

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Figurative Expression Group * Organize a painting day with your Artist friends!

Some SPRING Inspiration

Great Color and Interpretation

Fun Originality and Composition

Working outside the comfort Zone

Smiles from the Artists
Great Day!!!

It is great to come across other artists that yearn
to get together to paint.
Painting along with other artists is such a treat!
We have decided to get together regularly,
to plan plein air outings, trips to galleries,
coffee discussions, video viewings..
I can't wait to see them again!!

BELIEVE Inukshuk - Carved Styro Art - Olympic Keepsakes Plaque

BELIEVE Inukshuk

Are you or someone you love Crazy about the Olympics?
I have hand carved hand painted this
chunky keepsake plaque..

Rough cut and carved..this Plaque measures

8" x 8" x 2"

is carved on the side and embellished with a pearly blue paint.

Very Light weight , but deceivingly looks like a chunk of rock...

Unique,Inspirational,Keepsake, can stand or hang..

Send one to an Olympian
in Vancouver's Olympic Village!!

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CHRISTINE KANE Be Creative.☯ Be Conscious. Be Courageous.

Now and again you come across people who draw you to them like a magnet.
A person who glows.
This would Christine Kane.
Twitter is an amazing thing.. her tweets are happy tidbits..
Sweet selfless inspirations to help you with your day..
Not to mention her music.. Ahhhh.
Check out her blog
You will be glad you did!!

*Say it in Stone** Quotes on faux Stone Plaque

Inspirational Quotes on a Faux Stone Plaque

Time you enjoyed wasting

was not wasted.

~John Lennon

Whatever you are,
Be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln

Anywhere is paradise

It's up to you

~Author Unknown