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RUSTY the Mermaid on her Shell Phone * NEW Mermaid Cut Out Wall Hanging *

Art Doesn't have to be SQUARE!!!
Rusty is a sweet little mermaid painted and cut out creating the cutest Wall hanging!
She is like any teenager chatting on her Shell Phone.
One of a kind Original Affordable Art!
Perfect for ANY Mermaid Collector!

3 Feathers ~~~ Seawashed Feather Wall hangings

 Like a feather in the Wind
As I drift through this life of mine
I wonder silently,
Is my life not the wind, an I a feather so fine?
Though I am free I walk no path
I simply float and glide
I am placid and flowing
and on gentle lake
lies my reflection
I am but a feather,
and the wind is the journey I take.....

LOVe is all you need....... Angel Wing Carved Wall Hanging

Love is all you need....
Lightweight yet chunky looking rustic shabby Angel Wing hanging.
Created from lightweight styrene..
Easy to hang 
Hand carved and painted.

Fabulous Frida * Two sided Hanging Ornaments ~~ Frida Collectors

BLUE BRAID / SUNFLOWER Frida Hanging Ornament

LAVENDER ROSE /FEATHER Frida Hanging Ornament
MONKEY/DAISY Frida Hanging Ornament
NASTURTUIM/GOLD TOOTH Frida Hanging Ornament


2 Sided Hanging Ornaments with Embellishments and Real Hanging Earrings

Hang Anywhere! Ribbon and Bead Hanger on each one!
One Of A Kind
Collect them
Purchase Here

Coming Soon...Baby Artistique!!

The sweetest wall art around!
Personalized especially for your baby..wall hangings, birth plaques,
above crib murals, name plaques..letters...
Can custom match any bedding you have!!! Yay!!
Keepsakes for baby!