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C'Mon Over! Dave's Den Custom Chalkboard>>> Check out My Other Blog!

 I love getting orders like this!
Kathy is the nicest gal and wanted to get something
very special for her guy.
Custom created for his personality and his love of his
home town New York City.
This Chalkboard is two tones of chalkboard paint. 
It has a Pre 9-11 Skyline with a starry clear night.
Dave's favorite team Logos are shown at the bottom with a
banner and his name.
A little Irish was added with the Shamrock's on the sides.
Kathy contacted me with the particulars and told me a
 bit about his style.
I came up with this mock up and she loved it.. we changed a
couple of little things 
and this beautiful Chalkboard was born.
It looks much more charming handpainted!
This digital mock up is flat and lifeless..
I know Dave is gonna love it and Cheers to Kathy for 
choosing such a sweet gift to give her man!
Please C'mon over to My Chalkboard BLOG 
I would love some new followers over there!
Drop by and say HI!

You Crack Me Up!! Love using crackle meduim....

 There is just something about crackle medium that so attractive.. 
it must be that well-loved time-worn feeling.
Along with a Oil Rubbed Bronze back ground, 
these paintings have a wonderful vintage look.
They have loads of texture and look marvelous
on a sunny day with the light dappling over them.

Move Over Boring Bland Muddlers...... My Painted Muddlers Make Awesome Gifts!!

Muddled drinks...
There is nothing like it!
Muddling bruises the Mint releasing the oils..
Muddle fruit too!!
Limes, Peaches, Raspberries..
Yum... bring fresh to your drinks.
I began to muddle mint into my lemonade,
What a wonderfully refreshing drink!
A hand painted Muddler would be the perfect gift for
any one on your list!! 

Yellow Boat, White Boat, Navy Boat, Blue Boat..... What a Beautiful Time-Worn Patina....

I met an artist this spring who spent as 
much time removing paint from her paintings
as she did applying it.
Her results were beautiful..
Something I had never really thought about doing.
This is a technique I am looking to per sue a bit more..

New York Murals..UPDATE* This Is Crazy..Chokes me Up**A dying breed...

Toronto Mural Artist..

Covering up Old worn out mural...

I know the feelings of these guys...
I paint Murals

BUT on a much smaller scale...

I CANNOT imagine..
A Rare breed...

I feel a kinship..I painted this HOOTERS
mural on a rooftop in the rain..

New York City Mural Artists

Amazing Video
mute music above to view

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

The Ritual Project - final timelapse from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

New York City *Amazing HUGE Hand Painted Murals... How Do They Do It???

Sarah Jessica Parker
10 stories high..
and all Hand Painted on the side of
a building???

Being a Mural Artist Myself I know what it entails
to hand-paint a mural.. a large mural..
Not to mention a Colossal Mural!!
Our Our Guide Kate pointed out to us
that she sees during her many runs
Murals go up in a flash..

Hanging from scaffolding high in the sky
these murals go up and are painted over regularly.
How Do they do it.. I was able to catch a crew going
over an old mural preparing
to paint a new one over it..

How do they paint Jaguars, Movie ads,
Beverage promo all by hand in such
perfection and so quickly???
My hats off to these artists..
I would love to know their secrets!!
Obviously they cant project the image on...
they cant use the grid system..
If you can give me insight as to How they do it..
Please enlighten Me..

Conference Room Reved up with Hand painted Mural

White and Not so Wonderful...

Rev Up The Room with some Branding!
Hand Painted with Bold Color!

Brings the Room alive...
Charge Up the Atmosphere
in your Conference Rooms!
It is amazing how some well
placed art work can
Totally Change the room!!