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Minimal Style Textured Angel Wings
One of a kind.. each feather handpainted with gold leaf detail.
available HERE

Two NEW Tray Style Chalkboards. Perfect for the Kitchen.. Weddings... Gifts...

I really enjoy creating these UpCycled tray style chalkboards*
They are just the perfect size to prop up on your back-splash.
Great for little reminders.. also lay flat and use at a dinner party for your cheese..
Easy wipe surface.. loads of texture*

Romantic Shabby Frame with pearl dot edge
Two toned damask chalkboard

I tried a smaller size too.
I love how this came out.. you can hand both 
ways portrait or landscape orientation.
The gold leaf is so pretty with the sculpted frame.

Shiny Gold Leaf and Lacy Gold trim
Convenient Size
French Romantic Shabby

These Tray chalkboards are especially good for many 
uses and can be designed to coordinate with your

Look Look What I found!!! Nostalgic Niblets

Ahh the thrill of the hunt.. I love to look for tidbits like this.
The little Golden book...
The Creampetal Grindley saucer with 18Kt gold...
and my fav the Hula Honeys coasters!!
I always have loved the "Shag" Tiki thing..
For those of you who have yet to be introduced to Shag..

Welllll... You must take a peek!!

and.. Aloha!!!

Secret Riches

From an ancient tomb in Peru, golden riches are
bringing to light the brilliant and ingenious
pre-inca civilization, the Sican.
This is an incredible source of inspiration for me...
Stay tuned for a new series of work based on the
incredible South American masks
from Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil.
I will be using copper, gold and bronze leaf and
special faux finishes I have learned from my 15 years
of being a specialty painter.
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