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Terrific Totes!! What a Great Gift Idea!

Quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet lightweight, poly poplin fabric. All seams and stress points are double stitched for durability. They are washable, feature original artwork on both sides and a sturdy 1" wide cotton webbing strap for comfortably carrying over your shoulder.
Come in three Handy Sizes!
13" x 13"
16" x 16"
18" x 18"
 Family Nest

 Dream Steam

Tea Time

Thorn Frida

Blessed By Angels


Tuscan Hills

Rainy Day Umbrella

 My Shop has LOTS more designs to choose from...
Great art Prints and Toss Pillows Too!!!

Tray Style UpCyCLed Chalkboards *** Useful and Fun...

These little chalkboards UpCyCled from inexpensive melamine trays make any kitchen stylish*
Basic trays changed into artful chalkboard trays.. Great to hang on the walls for love notes and memos or use as a tray for get-togethers and parties.. even a great wedding serving tray*
French Lace Farm House Rustic Chalkboard

Oil Rubbed Bronze Zebra Wood Frame

Hang on the wall and Use as a Stylish Serving Tray*
Mexican Wrought Iron Frame- Great Texture!!

French White Light and Feminine Great for Weddings!!

Gold And Bronze Simple Frame- Manly Masculine nice for Men's Den*

Mexican Wrought Iron..

Such a Useful Little Chalkboard*** Would Make ANYONE a Great Gift!!!
Lightweight Plastic Tray Style Chalkboard
Measures - 16 x 16 inches
Writing Space - 11 x 11 inches
 Kitchen Chalkboard*Wedding Chalkboard*Men'sDen Chalkboard*Laundry Room*Much More*
Perfect size for Back-Splash
Modern Stylish Popular Chic.
I can Create ANY theme that you would love...
Chalkboard area New Chalkboard Vinyl
Totally Wipe-able Great for Kitchen!!
Use as a Food Tray Chalkboard..

Poke Salad... Deep south salad from the Pokeweed..... But there is more...

I have always loved Tony Joe White's
What in the world is Poke Salad you ask....
I did a little research and it turns out to be an interesting lil weed...
did a great post on the plant....
Has a great Poke Salat trivia section!
The Poke weed is actually a herb that is said to be very toxic.
Southern cooks boil it three times before making into a dish..
What ever you do DO NOT EAT THE BERRIES...


Summer is coming and where would we be with out the
beautiful perfect vegetable the cucumber??

Not only are they refreshing to munch on..
SEE Kevin's Closet Cooking Blog for this Cool
mouthwatering Cucumber and Feta salad..

I recently purchased some wonderfully
refreshing products that smell Out Of This World!!
I can't stop smelling myself!

Another ridiculously easy and good for you
summer treat is

adding sliced cucumber to a jug of water..
So good..

Take down eye puffiness..
cool those peepers..

And we can't forget to include some of ETSY's
Cool as A Cucumber products!!

Fresh Cucumber water
Spray on Lotion

Cucumber Sleep Eye Mask

Creamy Cucumber Handmade Soap


Sometimes from this hillside just after sunset
The rim of the sky takes on a tinge
Of the palest green, like the flesh of a cucumber
When you peel it carefully.
In Crete once, in the summer,
When it was still hot at midnight,
We sat in a taverna by the water
Watching the squid boats rocking in the moonlight,
Drinking retsina and eating salads
Of cool, chopped cucumber and yogurt and a little dill.
A hint of salt, something like starch, something
Like an attar of grasses or green leaves
On the tongue is the tongue
And the cucumber
Evolving toward each other.
Since cumbersome is a word,
Cumber must have been a word,
Lost to us now, and even then,
For a person feeling encumbered,
It must have felt orderly and right-minded
To stand at a sink and slice a cucumber.
If you think I am going to make
A sexual joke in this poem,
you are mistaken.
In the old torment of the earth
When the fires were cooling and disposing themselves
Into granite and limestone and serpentine and shale,
It is possible to imagine that, under yellowish chemical clouds,
The molten froth, having burned long enough,
Was already dreaming of release,
And that the dream, dimly
But with increasing distinctness, took the form
Of water, and that it was then, still more dimly, that it imagined
The dark green skin and opal green flesh of cucumbers.

Don't forget to put CUCUMBERS
on your Shopping List!!!


Bistro Chalkboard~ Now you can have a Restaurant style Bistro board at Home!!

Lots of writing space on this
Bistro Chalkboard!

Super textured frame.
Pops off the wall!
Wired, Ready to hang.
Great for writing your supper menu,
grocery list or
a family note..
One of a kind.

☀✣ SOLD ✣☀