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Puppy Love? Dog Board Chalkboards Perfect for Mud Rooms, Dog Rooms, Kitchens... Dog Lovers



Dog Rooms in homes are becoming more and more popular.
We love our pets like they are our children and we spare no expense
when it comes to our four legged friends.
If we don't have a designated room for our dogs we can re designate
the mud room area as a cute "Dog Room."
Add a cute dog leash rack, some cute cushions with doggy fabric and
a little dog dish center...
Top it off with a Custom Painted Portrait of your pooch on a beautiful
Custom Chalkboard!!!

I can create a custom chalkboard with your pet featured on it..
Have the colors to co-ordinate with your decor.
Message me and I can get started on your Dog Board!
A beautiful combination of function and art!


IS YOUR DOG SpOiLeD????? ~~ How About his own ART?

You said it.. right down to his own Art!!
We love our dogs.. how about a bit of fine~fun art for your dogs space!
Liven up Fido's corner with a little art work.
These Art boxes are brightly painted acrylics done in my
Unique Bas-relief style.. chunky textured.. fun art.

Measures 6" x 9" x 3/4" on a pine box frame.
Ultra light weightFun.. Original... Bold...


Ahh It's a Dogs Life!!!


This is my sweetie!
He is a mix of 1/4 Bischon and 3/4Pom..
I wish I could just bask in the sunlight like this...
In the Spring we will get rig of all the hair and
he turns out like this!!
Yes... same dog!!