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Minimal Style Textured Angel Wings
One of a kind.. each feather handpainted with gold leaf detail.
available HERE

Love Totems?.. Spirit Guides? Crow, Grizzly,Raven and Magpie.. New Spirit Tees and Posters!

Come on into my Shop and have a look around!
Great gift art tee shirts, posters..You name it!!
Just updated my shop with some Spirit Tee shirts and Posters..
Crow, Magpie, Raven and Grizzly Totems

❤❣❤ Hearts for your Honey ❤❣❤ Original Art Plaques

Heart Wreath

Crown Over Heart

Bird n Heart

Celtic Heart

Heart Flames


Heart with Wings

Three Hearts

Swirly Heart

Profess your love with a Heart of Art!
Each Tic-Tac-Tile is hand carved and painted.
These unique tiles are created to look like stone, 
yet are as light as a feather!
Have one sent directly to your Valentine!!
I will wrap and add a sweet little card along with!
Only one of each! 

For Vintage Valentine Greeting Cards see

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