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Time for a Little Rustic Coffee Art! Creative Kitchen Art

I love Kitchen Art!
Nothing like a great piece with loads of texture to be a focal point in your kitchen.
Who doesn't like the old tin signs of small town restaurants?
This piece has lots of charm... rustic and reminiscent of the shabby tin signs of days gone by.

Sardines... Crackly Watery Goodness.... Crayon Coral....

 I really had fun with this one.. I knew I wanted to paint some 
silvery type minnows and play around a bit.
I love the way the top of the water came out crackly and kind of Raku-like...
The fish are very pretty and I played with some melted crayon for the coral..
All in all I love the combined look..


You Crack Me Up!! Love using crackle meduim....

 There is just something about crackle medium that so attractive.. 
it must be that well-loved time-worn feeling.
Along with a Oil Rubbed Bronze back ground, 
these paintings have a wonderful vintage look.
They have loads of texture and look marvelous
on a sunny day with the light dappling over them.

Run on Angel Wings............ Lovely Crackle Wing Sets.......................

Had a nice run on Angel Wings...
I do admit I love making these pretty sets..
They float off the wall on a one inch base... 
so lightweight you can hang with a push pin!
I am adding a bunch of NEW Cut Out style Wall Hangings.
Watch my SHOP for the new cut outs coming soon..

Rustic Farmhouse .. is that a look? Crackle Angel Wing Floater & Chunky Faux Tin Chalkboard

Love these rustic crackle angle wings.. I can make them in any size you like..
Pairs too!
How about this farmhouse Chunky Chalkboard..
Chunky yet very light!

Check MY SHOP for details!