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THRIFTING ~~ Sometimes you find something that makes your heart sing... have you found that item lately?

Like many of you, I have a couple of thrift stores that I frequent looking for that one treasure..
Simple things make me smile and when I saw these three water glasses I snatched them up.
Amazing... .99 cents a piece and it might has well been a Gucci handbag or a Rolex day-date..
They are so understated and gosh darned.. just pretty!
I would love to see your special finds..
For you know... it's the thrill of the hunt!!

Rustic Farmhouse .. is that a look? Crackle Angel Wing Floater & Chunky Faux Tin Chalkboard

Love these rustic crackle angle wings.. I can make them in any size you like..
Pairs too!
How about this farmhouse Chunky Chalkboard..
Chunky yet very light!

Check MY SHOP for details!

My Love of Birds ~~ A Lifetime of Pleasure~~ Sculpted Acrylic Mini Paintings

I am lucky enough to have a lovely stand
of trees in my back yard..

Seeing the birds flit around is magical to me..
I was raised bird watching..
my father was a
naturalist and my brother a

honest to goodness Ornithologist for the
Canadian Wildlife Service.

It is thrilling to me to spend the day with
Al birdwatching..

we would drive the dirt roads of Saskatchewan,
tramp through the woods....looking listening..

I will bird watch for the rest of my life..
keeping track of the species.. dates.. places...
The birds of the world truly hold a
special spot in my heart!!




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