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NEW!!!! RESTAURANT STYLE CHALKBOARDS!! Cheer up your Kitchen!!


VINO  for the Wine Lover!!!

Margarita Madness!!!

Make your Kitchen a Bistro!
Santa Fe Sunset -Bird on a Wire Art

I have been busy in my studio creating some 
great chalkboards...perfect for gifts
Perfect for your kitchen!!
Lightweight colorful
A Functional work of art!!

Gotta Brag about my Great Custom.... ZexZee Chalkboards!! Fabulous boards Kitchens,Cafe's,Bistro's,Restaurants....*you name it!! Eye Poppin' Color

ZexZee Custom Chalkboards are fun and functional works of art!
How are they different than other chalkboards?
I Hand texture the art work so it POPs off the board,
giving them astounding color and presence!
My boards are feather light..not your heavy chunky chalkboard!
ZexZee chalkboards are either a terrific roll-up style..
or my signature lightweight /durable easy hang style.
See my blog for unique ZexZee chalkboards.. I make great frames too!! Far from the "SQUARE" frames available....My whimsical style has all the charm of a hand-crafted, hand-painted work of art! There is no beating a ZexZee Chalkboard for your home or business!! Make great custom gifts too!!!
Don't go Flat!! Go fabulous!!!
ZexZee Chalkboards