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Dreaming of the Mediterranean and Whitewash.... El Greco Memory Tiles

Top of my Bucket List is a trip to Santorini.. I dream of gazing over the whitewash buildings down into the beautiful blue seas of the Mediterranean. I created this collection of Artifact Plaques for those who also love the Mystique of the Greek Islands.. a little reminder of that beautiful place on earth.

El Greco Series of Artifact Plaques

♛Looking for the Ultimate Gift? ♛COAT OF ARMS

What is a COAT OF ARMS?
A coat of arms or family crest has long been a symbol of a family’s values.
Originally used to identify warriors dressed in armor,
each knight chose symbols and colors to distinguish himself.
These coats of arms have been passed down throughout generations.

Check out the many FREE sites that help you create your own




It is fun to create a family coat of arms!!
Once you have created your coat of arms
using one of these free sites,

have it turned into a beautiful wall plaque !!
I can take your design and transform it into a wonderful
Plaque for you to give as a gift or enjoy in your own home!!
Looks regale, unique!!

The most Original gift!!

Egypt Art ** wall art ** Faux Stone Art Plaques

I have decided to concentrate on doing more of what I love to do!
I get very good feed back on my Egypt Art and my Petroglyphs
I am going to do another series of Faux Stone Art Plaques.
These have a great bas relief effect!
I love the way they look so a slab of stone..
yet are light as a feather.

Personalized Petroglyphs ~ Carved Custom Cave Art

Wonderful carved images..
Art you can feel!!
I put sand in the paint..
looks as if it fell off the Cave wall!!!
Through the ages man has been drawing on walls!
Get your story put on a Pertoglyph Plaque!!

Cave Carvings

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Primitive Carvings
Rich Texture
I can create large or small
Carved wall art

Pony Petroglyph

This Petroglyph is a carved, embossed,
etched, colored, painted
Multi~Faceted work of Art!!!!
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