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Large Wing Canvas Prints Now Available! Matching Pillows too!

not to scale
 Lovely Canvas Print Angel Wings.. 
Make a statement!
Small 9" x 19"
Medium 12" x 24"
Large 18' x 36"

Add A Toss Pillow or Two!!

Sunset Church * Little Church on Top of the Hill

Stretched Canvas
Sunset Church lights up at Dusk when the lowering sun hits it just right......

Greeting Cards
Sets of Folded Blank cards with Envelope

IPOD Cases and Skins
Protect your electronics with Original Art!

Framed Prints
Affordable Art
Throw Pillows
Who says ART has to hang on the wall?
Check out these Beautiful Affordable Art Prints and Gifts
and More

Tiki Lovers... Tiki Kitchen Art.. Vibrant COLOR ** Sweet Texture

Spring Time and the Tiki is out!!
Fress Color.. loads of carved texture!!
Fun art..
These Tiki Paintings POP off the wall!
LIVEN up your kitchen..
Great for TIKI Bars