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For the Love of the Hudsons Bay Blanket... Blanket Warmth

My Native Maiden Painting Called Blanket Warmth
 Mural concept, Bay & Bloor, Toronto.

       Amazing beautiful Knitted Crib Blanket

The rich 300-year history of the Hudson Bay Company

Hudson Bay Swiss Army Knife

How much more Canadian can you

*W*O*W* My First POWWOW!! Great few days at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival!

Terrific Event!!
Massive Dreamcatcher in the
Centre Of Rogers Centre


Beautiful handmade soaps
Traditional and Wild flower scents

My Little Maidens did quite well....

The Costumes were amazing!!!
COLORFUL to say the least..
lots of jingles & bells..

This Guy caught my attention!!!!
In my previous life I am sure I was a Native Maiden!
Beautiful back view
I came home with these Ojibway made slippers..
Love them!!

Met some awesome people!
Check back and see who!!

What a Beautiful Face ~ Lina Cavalieri ~ Woman's face painted many times

Around 1900, Italian soprano Lina Cavalieri (1874-1944)

was considered the most beautiful woman on earth.
And She Was

Her wholesome beauty inspired this painting of

"The Milk Maid"

contact me about original

Happy National Aboriginal Day!!!! Beautiful Aboriginal Maiden Paintings

Today is a special day to celebrate the unique
heritage, cultures and contributions of
First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis people in Canada.

Nature Maiden draped with

Hudson's Bay Company point blanket.

We Lost A Great Canadian Jazz & Blues Musician "Jeff Healy"

Ah... A sad day today as we lost Jeff Healy after his battle with cancer.
I can tell you he has made an everlasting imprint on
my hubby and my life as
"Our Song" is Jeff's beautiful song "Angel Eyes"
Peace be with you Gentle Soul....
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