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Personalized Heart Art ❤❤ Carved Birch Tree Plaque

Fun Rustic Faux Carved Birch Bark Tree Keepsakes.
No trees harmed in creating this art!!
I can create any size.. any initials or names!
Makes a great gift!
Simple, clean, modern..
Fits in with today's fresh cottage decor!!

The MOREL of the story...... Not only Yummy to eat, this Fungi Is amazingly beautiful...

My brother introduced me to Morels...
years ago we hunted for these 
little beauties and got enough for a good taste.
They were wonderful!!
Fried up in a cast iron pan in a dash 
of butter and some olive oil.
No spices..their flavor alone was heaven...
I hadn't seen a Morel for a long time..
Aren't they just beautiful??

What makes you HAPPY?? SOCK MONKEYS and SUNFLOWERS......

It's the little things that make you happy..
I know I always smile when I see a 
Homemade Sock Monkey
or a Beautiful Sunflower..
Remember to focus on the 
little things along the way..

Mmmmore Mini's!! Original Mini Block Paintings.. Send as a little Greeting! Makes a sweet gift

Mini Wood Art Blocks

Mini Paintings make a great little gift!
I can also personalize the side for you!!

Add a cute little message...

Let me know and I will wrap in tissue
and send direct to
your loved one!!
Lots to choose from!
Great as a Greeting and Gift all in one!!


Mini Wooden Original Painting* FRIDA KAHLO* Peacock feathers and skull

Frida is such a wonderful subject!
Almost anything goes..
She is lounging on a velvet chez
skull in hand..
surrounded by a bounty of Peacock Feathers..
Jewel tones..
Great for any Frida collection!!

☠❣☠BUY ME☠❣☠

Candy Colored Tid Bits of Art ❀ Mini Wood Block Shelf Sitters ❀ Brighten up your living and working spaces!! Great for special Wedding Favors!!

Adorable Sculpted Mini Block Paintings

What a great way to bring art and light to a dreary work space!
Brighten up a corner.. a laundry shelf
kitchen counter.. any spot that could use some cheer.

Sits or hangs in any little spot..
or collect them and make a grouping.
Contact me to create mini's of things that
are important to you!

❀✿❀ BUY ME ❀✿❀

I ❤ CUBA !! Cute Mini Wooden block Painting Set ~ Cigar Woman ~ Car ~ Palm Tree ~ Havana ~ Mojito

Done on Rough Cut Pine.
The wood grain shows.
Little snippets of Cuban Life.

Would make a great wall Collage for
any one who loves Cuba and
would like a lasting memory.
Impressionist, fun, arrange
any way you like!

☀❤ SOLD ❤☀

Steampunk Sally...a request.... Liking Steampunk!

I did enjoy Will Smith's Wild Wild West!
Really Steampunk in nature..
fun contraptions..derigables...
If you are a Steampunk fan it is fun to watch
just for the costumes and goodies!
Prints Available

Filigree Tulip ` Plant those Tulips for Spring!!!!!


Talk to an artist about gifts for your Family and Friends!

I for one, would love to help brighten their day!!