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Angel Wings

Romantic, Spiritual, Calming, Keepsake, Tribute


I created a couple pairs of these large and in charge wings..
I sold both sets and have had many many requests for more.
I found the process enjoyable but quite laborous.
Unfortunatly shipping  these large wings is very costly 
and takes a lot of time to package.

So I have come up with a great way to make these wings
 any color, any size, any shape..

For display purposes I tacked these wings in place to show how they look.
Once they are pasted down they would lay flat against the wall.
  • easily installed with spray glue or wallpaper paste 
  • large size rolls up for easy shipping
  • any shape.. flying or folded wings
  • any color.. silver accents gold accents
  • cut out looks good on any wall
  • mount them anywhere.. wall, closet door, bedroom, livingroom
  • take them with you! easy removal sturdy vinyl not paper!
  • one or two wing option
  • hand crafted handpainted vinyl  

If you are interested in a pair of ANGEL WINGS
I create these on your specifications.
email me for a consult and a quote.

BELIEVE Inukshuk - Carved Styro Art - Olympic Keepsakes Plaque

BELIEVE Inukshuk

Are you or someone you love Crazy about the Olympics?
I have hand carved hand painted this
chunky keepsake plaque..

Rough cut and carved..this Plaque measures

8" x 8" x 2"

is carved on the side and embellished with a pearly blue paint.

Very Light weight , but deceivingly looks like a chunk of rock...

Unique,Inspirational,Keepsake, can stand or hang..

Send one to an Olympian
in Vancouver's Olympic Village!!

Click Here

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