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BoHo CHIC*** It's All In The Details!!! Fun Pendants to accessorize..

Frida would approve!!!

Be In BoHo Chic Fashion with one of these Super sized

Original Art Pendants!!

When little pendants don't fit the bill...
When your outfit and mood say "GO BIG OR GO HOME"
Wear an original work of art!!
The other side is a toned Gunmetal embellished finish.
This pendant has swinging jewels....
swing them to the front when you feel extra glitzy..
swing to the back for just the pendant.
Wear the medallion on either side..
Tiny is Sweet...But BIG is Beautiful!!
Please wear with Attitude!!!
Pendant only.. please string on your favorite necklace!!
Ribbon.. chain.. cord....
Long or Short...





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